TURA-03B , 250V Three-Phase TTR

250V Three-Phase TTR with Battery, Bluetooth & Printer

TURA-03B is designed using advanced engineering technology to measure the turns ratio of single-phase and three-phase transformers. TURA-03B has fast, easy and accurate TTR measurement features for current, voltage and power transformers using its user-friendly software. By using ANSI/IEEE C57.12.90 measurement method TURA-03B can produce precise results. TURA-03B is one of the most accurate devices with its wide range (0.8 to 50,000) ratio measurement capability and high precision (0.08 %).

Besides the ratio measurement, TURA-03B can also measure excitation current, phase angle, polarity and ratio error. Even though TURA-03B has a three-phase cable configuration, users can make single-phase transformer tests as well. TURA-03B can detect vector groups automatically. TURA-03B has a wide operation range from high excitation value current transformer to high powered power transformer at substations with the 1V, 4V, 10V, 40V, 100V and 250V AC test voltage generation capability.

Product Datasheet
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