TURA-01 , 100V Single-Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Tester


TURA-01 is designed to accurately measure the turns ratio of single-phase and three-phase transformers. TURA-01 performs fast and accurate turns ratio measurements on current, voltage and power transformers using its user-friendly interface.

With market-leading accuracy, the TURA-01 has a very wide ratio measurement capability with an accuracy of 0.08 %. Other features available on TURA-01 include the measure of core excitation current, phase angle, polarity, and ratio error.

TURA-01 instrument has a single-phase cable configuration, although users may still perform three-phase transformer tests by connecting cables for each phase one by one. The instrument also contains a helpful list of connection diagrams for the various transformer configurations. The operator simply selects the one they need to be displayed. Therefore, there is no need for an additional manual or diagrams to understand the cable connections for each vector groups. Selecting the right vector group is enough and device shows how to connect the cables to the transformer.

Product Datasheet
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