Our Journey.

Established in 1988, Sarwar Electronics had a humble beginning and started the journey by offering a wide range of single-phase electrical equipment including
single-phase transformers, battery chargers, stabilizers, etc. A successful response in the market opened new horizons for the company and started dealing in larger and more sophisticated electrical equipment. An important milestone was achieved in 2008 when the company stepped into the realm of testing equipment.

What We Do

Sarwar Electronics specializes in a broad range of testing equipment used in electrical, electronics, civil, environment, education, and many other fields. Our inventory includes modern and up-to-date instruments and appliances which are
used in all walks of life such as Insulation Test Sets, Thermovision Cameras, Winding Ohm Meters, Primary Injection Test Sets, Secondary Injection Test Sets, Transformer Turn Ratio Test Sets, Industrial Gas Detectors, Stationary Gas Monitoring System and many more.
Our equipment’s are used in renowned public and private engineering universities, various government and semi-government institutions (WAPDA, TEVTA etc.) and private sector. Our success is reflected by a large clientage network created through commitment, hard work and ability to satisfy our customers.


 Sarwar Electronics was established with a mission that resonates with the customers. Its first and foremost priority is its clientage, not expansion or profit maximization, a trait followed in today’s capitalist world.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Last but not the least, we consider it our social responsibility to contribute something for those segments of society who are doing work at a smaller scale or just started a business venture but lack financial stability.
We are planning to provide the instruments and equipment on rent so that these companies or institutions do not have to buy them, rather complete their tasks by taking them on rent, which will eventually be cost-effective. We will also provide services for small scale work to ease our customers e.g. taking the required measurements in a project or doing the testing by using our equipment’s, as per the demand of our customers