TURA-X, True Three-Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

 True Three-Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Tester with Built-in Printer

TURA-X is designed by advanced engineering technology to measure the turns ratio of single-phase and three-phase transformers. Turns ratio measurement of phase-shifting transformers can be done by using TURA-X. It has a fast, easy and accurate TTR measurement features for current, voltage and power transformers by its user-friendly software.

By using ANSI/IEEE C57.12.90 measurement method TURA-X can make precise results. TURA-X is one of the most accurate devices with its wide range ratio (0.8 to 50,000) measurement capability and high precision (0.08 %). Besides the ratio measurement, TURA-X can also measure excitation current, phase angle, polarity and ratio error. Even though TURA-X has three-phase cable configuration; the user can make single-phase transformer tests.

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