SONEL MRU-120 Earth Resistance and Resistivity Meter

Multifunctional earthing resistance meter

With the use of the presented earth resistance and soil resistivity meter Sonel MRU-120 it is possible to carry out earth resistance measurements using 3-pole and 4-wire method, measurements with the use of additional clamps (multiple earthing – without the necessity of unfastening the monitoring connections), as well as measurements using two-clamp method – in some cases it is possible to carry out the measurement without the necessity of using auxiliary probes driven into the ground. Sonel MRU-120 is a device designed to meet the needs of the power industry and used for earthing measurements – measuring range (measurements in accordance with EN 61557 standard) from 0.30 Ω. The functionality of the device is completed by the possibility to measure the resistivity of soil and the continuity of protective and equalising connections.

Product Datasheet
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