SONEL MRU-120HD Earth Resistance and Resistivity Meter

The Sonel MRU-120HD earth resistance and soil resistivity meter is a robust and functional device characterized by particular resistance to difficult working conditions. It is not afraid of dust or mud and performs excellently even in areas where there is an increased risk of splashing.

With the use of the Sonel MRU-120HD meter it is possible to perform earth resistance measurements using the 3-pole and 4-wire method. The instrument also allows measurements to be made using additional clamps (multiple earthing – without the need to disconnect the monitoring connections) and measurements using the two-clamp method. In some cases, the measurement can be done without the use of auxiliary probes driven into the ground. Sonel MRU-120HD is a tool designed especially for earthing measurements in the power industry. Measuring range (measurements in accordance with EN 61557) from 0.30 Ω.

Product Datasheet
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