SONEL MRU-200 Earth Resistance and Resistivity Meter

The Sonel MRU-200 earth resistance and soil resistivity meter for earth resistance and soil resistivity measurements with the use of various methods.

The feature that definitely distinguishes this model from other meters of this kind is the use of all known methods of earth resistance measurement. The measurement can be carried out using the technical 3-pole and 4-wire method, also with additional clamps (multiple earthing), as well as the two-clamp method and the impulse method (earthing impedance measurement).

The use of the two-probe method allows the testing to be carried out without the need for additional auxiliary probes which are driven into the ground. The impact method, on the other hand, is used, among other things, to diagnose lightning protection earthing. It is also used for extensive, multiple and bonded earthing measurements (also underground). The advantage of this method is that there is no need to tamper with the circuit. The impact method enables measurements to be made in accordance with EN 62305 – the need to measure earth impedance.

This is not the end of the extended capabilities provided by the Sonel MRU-200 meter. The device additionally has the function of measuring the resistivity of soil, the continuity of protective and equalising connections, and, with the use of clamps, also leakage or fault currents.

Apart from the large number of functions and many measurement possibilities, the MRU-200 meter deserves recognition also for the high accuracy of the obtained results. Measuring range – measurements in accordance with EN 61557 – from as low as 0.30 Ω.

Product Datasheet
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