HIPOTRONICS HD100 Series AC/DC Hipot Tester

The HD100 Series Benchtop AC and DC [Hipot testers] are accurate and durable instruments designed to perform hipot tests on all types of electrical products, systems, and components. They are simple to operate and are designed for use by unskilled or semi-skilled personnel in production testing for AC and DC dielectric withstand testing.The AC/DC output configuration eliminates the need for purchasing separate AC and DC hipots. Output connected voltmeter ensures accurate voltage measurements regardless of output loading. they are capable of testing to most industry specifications such as UL, CSA, VDE, IEC, and MIL for dielectric withstand testing. The HD 100 Series Consists of: Model HD103, ~0-3kV DC/2.5kV AC at 5mA max current Model HD106, ~0-6kV DC/5.5kV AC at 5mA max current Model HD115, ~0-15kV DC/12.5kV AC at 5mA max current Model HD125, ~0-25kV DC/10kV AC at 5mA max current Model HD140, ~0-40kV DC/15.5kV AC at 5mA max current This product contains an environmentally-friendly natural ester-based fluid made from renewable vegetable-based oil.

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