Sonel S-44 VLF (110V/230V) High Voltages Insulation Tester

Test the condition of the cables with VLF or DC slow voltage  

The S-44VLF high voltage insulation tester is a compact, robust and portable kit for testing medium voltage cables according to IEEE400, IEC 60502-2, CENELEC HD 620 and 621 and DIN VDE 0276/620 and 621. The test is carried out using the low electrical stress method, with a VLF (Very Low Frequency) voltage of 0.1 Hz.

The VLF test is the fastest way to detect insulation damage. The S-44VLF instrument can test cables with plastic insulation (XLPE, PE-, EPR) as well as paper and oil insulation (PILC). Testing with DC voltage is also possible

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