SONEL KT-650 Thermal imaging camera

Professional thermal imaging with Sonel KT-650

The camera is based on an IR matrix with a resolution of 640×480 pixels, which allows it to capture high quality, fully radiometric IR images. The Sonel KT-650 model combines high quality measurement parameters with innovative and intuitive interface software based on a new operating system. Operation of the camera via a large and movable touch screen display is very comfortable and, together with the swivelling body part, allows the camera to be used in places where a non-standard grip is required. Working in strong outdoor lighting is not a problem thanks to the additional viewfinder. In addition to IR, visual and PIP modes, the camera has a new image blending mode – overlaying the visible image contours with the IR image. The user has the option of recording static images or recording a video. A number of software tools are available to analyse the image already at camera level – also in live image mode. Each of the saved IR photos can be further described with a text note and audio and graphic notes can be added. With its built-in GPS receiver and compass, the camera automatically records the location where the photos were taken. Creating a report on the job site is possible with the built-in reports module – along with the possibility of exporting to PDF. The camera can be connected to external devices – wired (LAN, USB, HDMI) and wireless (Wi-Fi).

Product Datasheet


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