Sonel BT-120 Battery Tester

Keep your batteries in good condition

Sonel BT-120 tester is a measuring tool that allows you to accurately test a wide range of battery parameters to ensure optimal battery performance. Designed for both professionals and home users, BT-120 tester is a vital support for keeping batteries in excellent condition.

Sonel BT-120 tester is a reliable tool that provides accurate measurements and precise information about the condition of the battery. It allows to:

  • monitor the performance of batteries and avoid unpleasant surprises related to their improper operation,
  • make informed decisions about the continued use of batteries or their replacement, based on internal impedance measurements,
  • ensure reliable power supply in a wide range of applications, from vehicles to emergency power systems,
  • identify potential problems, such as improper charging or cell damage, by measuring the ripple voltage.
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