VABO-80B, 80 kV Vacuum Bottle Tester

80 kV Vacuum Bottle Tester with built-in Battery & Printer

VABO-80B is designed using advanced engineering technology to test circuit-breaker vacuum bottles up to 80 kV DC. It has fast, easy and accurate measurement features through its user-friendly software. VABO-80B is a battery-powered device that allows users to perform tests even without a power supply during on-field tests.

Users can select the test voltages from 10kV to 80kV DC with step voltages of 1kV, and the user can define the test time from 5 seconds to 2 minutes. The leakage current preset values of VABO-80B are 100 µA, 200 µA and 300 µA. The test can be performed after setting the output voltage and test time with a predefined cutoff for leakage current. After the execution of the test, if the leakage current doesn’t exceed the preset leakage current value, the screen will show “TEST PASSED”. If the leakage current exceeds the preset value, then the voltage will be immediately turned off and shows “TEST FAILED” on the screen. In the case of HV presence, the HV indicator on the device illuminates with an audible tone.

Additionally, VABO-80B can test the integrity of electrical safety gloves by selecting the class of standard. This test evaluates the gloves’ resistance to current leakage. It measures the amount of current that passes through the gloves when they are subjected to a specified voltage. The leakage current should not exceed a certain threshold to ensure the gloves provide adequate insulation.

Product Datasheet
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