TRIORES-20, Winding Resistance Tester

20A Fully Automatic Three-phase Winding Resistance Tester with Built-in Printer

TRIORES-20 Series is designed using advanced engineering technology to measure the winding resistance of transformers.
TRIORES-20 Series can measure current, voltage, power transformer windings and shunt resistors.
Applying up to 20A Direct Current allows TRIORES-20 Series to measure the resistance of the transformers fast and accurate.
The smart design of the TRIORES-20 Series makes it easier to determine the end of measurement automatically according to users’ decisions.
TRIORES-20’s measurement channels are designed in such a way that it can measure both three-phase and single-phase transformers’ winding resistance. Users need to connect the test cables just one time to measure all three phases while testing three-phase transformers.
Beginning from 0.1 μΩ resistances, TRIORES-20 Series can measure up to 100,000 Ω resistance. TRIORES-20 Series discharges the measured circuit after each test.

Product Datasheet
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