Insulation Quality Analyzer

The functional insulation resistance meter Sonel MIC-2511 may be used to measure the insulation resistance using test voltage up to 2500 V. It surprises with numerous functions hidden in a neat and handy form. Due to its parameters, its robust casing with IP65 protection level, its low battery power consumption and the possibility of recharging during measurements, the meter is a reliable tool that can be used in many areas. It is ideal for checking industrial installations and catenary networks, and is also successfully used in residential buildings. The advantages of this equipment are especially appreciated by electricians working in maintenance, testing motors, cables and street lighting. The Sonel MIC-2511 meter is also useful for measurements during construction and maintenance of photovoltaic installations. It is a reliable solution created for the needs of telecommunications network installers and heating network operators, facilitating the control of the alarm system of pre-insulated pipes.

Product Datasheet
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