Insulation Quality Analyzer

The Sonel MIC-15K1 insulation resistance meter has been designed to measure insulation resistance of electrical power engineering objects, including single and multi-core cables, transformers, motors and generators, condensers, circuit breakers and other power station equipment. It is especially recommended for measurements in areas with very high electromagnetic disturbances, e.g. at substations with a voltage of 1200 kV AC or 500 kV DC. Due to the measuring voltage of 15 kV (in accordance with the guidelines of ANSI/NETA ATS-2009 TABLE 100.1 standards) the meter can be used for objects with nominal voltage above 34.5 kV.

The MIC-15k1 is an extremely modern, ergonomic device with intuitive operation. It will satisfy even the most demanding measuring engineers in the most difficult conditions, with large disturbances, where other meters will be useless.

Product Datasheet
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