Haiti: This lady History and her Detractors/Region II: Chapter III

Lifestyle and you will manners of those; the hospitality-Relationship and you can divorce proceedings-The new Haitian woman-The fresh new Haitians aren’t sluggish-They amuse zero race bias-Benefits which people from other countries enjoy; its safety-Naturalization-Right to hold a home.

However, he usually features from inside the set aside one or more an effective suit off clothes getting festival days plus the dances, exactly what are the greatest resources of pleasure

One of the head services of your own Haitian peasant try his thorough type-heartedness; they are clear of all the envious viewpoint which will be happy with his parcel, his partners desires getting so without difficulty satisfied. He has got zero cause for hatred, nature’s liberality providing him with all that he need. Their tastes are of your own greatest. Towards week days their costume consists of a “vareuse” and you can pants created from blue denim; shoes, and a general-brimmed straw hat. Though he’s hardly ever to be seen versus their “manchette” (machette), the Haitian peasant was off a peaceful, confiding, and you will cheerful mood, not provided to attacking or quarrelling.