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About Us

Sarwar Electronics has been formed in 1988. The company is famous in the market for its best quality products and fulfilment of commitments with its clients ever since. With the passage of time the company made its roots in different fields of electronics and electrical related asset management solutions. The company now specializes in testing equipment for applications in electrical, electronics, civil engineering, environmental science, education, and a variety of other fields. We specialize in the supply of high end test equipment from various world wide well known brands. We must say we are one of the leading supplier in our market. We are committed to provide the highest quality products and the most competent after sales support programs to our customers. We are also specialized in the supply of single phase transformers , single phase and three phase servo motor stabilizers.


Message from President

Our dedication to sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Sarwar Company. It's also a catalyst for new ideas. Throughout the years, we have introduced numerous innovations to the market. Following the quality-first philosophy, the organization has flawless technical engineering, quality, production, and other departments, as well as a flawless product management system.
Our company has a dare of technical innovation, the guts to take on high-standard and difficult items, and a commitment to products sold all over the world, with a staff that spans manufacturing to sales. Sarwar Company motto is honored by ``Our people``, technology by ``for our people``.
The company has dedicated professionals, a complete set of professional product making procedure, such as moisture-proof, shockproof, high-voltage and low-temperature resistance, the first equipment with independent intellectual property industry leading automatic testing, aging production line, the main core components of power products are self-sufficient; vacuum process to achieve the transformer core components of oxygen-free fire, self-developed core parameter analysis equipment and perfect transformer insulation treatment equipment, for the perfect quality of each power product laid a solid foundation.

Our Mission

Even after three decades of hard work, the company has never compromised its ideals through its management system and disciplined supply chain procedure and will continue to do so for many years to come. We aim to introduce most innovative products in our local market to meet the growing needs of the industry.


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